I was born in The Netherlands in 1982. After a BSc at Engineering, Design & Innovation I attended the KABK art academy in The Hague to study photography. I've been working as a freelance photographer since 2005.


The series I did about the proposed US missile defense system in Czech Republic was published in Vrij Nederland in 2008. Portraits I took of football dads were published in Volkskrant Magazine, also in 2008. From 2006 to 2010 I toured through Europe and Japan with Amsterdam based hip-hop duo Pete Philly&Perquisite. The tour photos from Japan received a honorable mention at the Popview photography award in 2009. My on hold/laid off series about the General Motors factory in Janesville, Wisconsin was awarded with the 2nd place foreign documentary at the Zilveren Camera 2009. My Close, but not really series was a selected finalist at the 2012 Fotografia festival in Rome, Italy. Together with publishing house The Velvet Cell I made a book of the Rear Window series in 2013 - ISBN 978-1-908889-19-5 (sold out) Both my Rear Window and Outline series have been exhibited worldwide. Selected participant for Center's Review Santa Fe 2016.

Since 2011 I photograph lifestyle reportages for online interview magazine Freunde von Freunden. Since 2018 I photograph interiors for Volkskrant magazine. My editorial work is available at Hollandse HoogteOffset and Adobe Stock. Commercial work is represented by Mrs. Robinson in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Fariyal Kennel in Dusseldorf, Germany.

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Selected Exhibitions

2017 Francesca Maffeo Gallery, Leigh-on-Sea, United Kingdom
2017 Fabrique Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2016 Niche Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2016 Junior Space gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2015 PIX 2015 with Featureshoot, Seattle, USA
2015 Hutspot with UP-editions, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2015 Space is the place, galerie Wijnstraat, Dordrecht, The Netherlands
2015 Zaal 3, The Hague, The Netherlands

2014 Out the window, Mini Galerie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2014 A Process by Der Greif, Augsburg, Germany
2014 You know what I'm seeing, Galery Carte Blanche, San Fransisco, USA
2014 Fotofilmic '14 Vancouver, Canada and Santa Monica, USA
2014 WOW Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2014 Kunst Bazaar, TrouwAmsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2014 Fotofever with UP-editions, Paris, France
2014 The American South by Aint Bad Magazine, Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, Georgia, USA
2014 Experience of Space, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia
2014 DdA factory, Cagliari, Italy
2014 Photonic Moments festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2013 Of The Afternoon, Power Station Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2013 KunstRAI with Mini Galerie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2013 Arcam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2012 Affordable Art Fair with Mini Galerie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2012 Nacht Bazaar, TrouwAmsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2012 Hatch Gallery, Detroit, USA
2012 Fotografia festival, Rome, Italy

2011 Groeten uit Amsterdam, Mini Galerie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2011 Dienst Belastingen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2010 Denieuwebibliotheek, Almere, The Netherlands
2010 StudioK, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2010 w8n8, Amsterdam Central Station, The Netherlands
2010 Wonen & Ondernemen commissioned by CAST, library of Tilburg, The Netherlands
2010 CASLa, Almere, The Netherlands

2009 Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
2009 Coffee Company, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2009 Podium Mozaiek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2008 City Hall of Almere, Almere, The Netherlands
2008 Popview 2009, The Round House, London, United Kingdom
2008 Villanuts, Nutshuis, The Hague, The Netherlands

 Rear Window at  Zaal 3  in The Hague, The Netherlands in 2015.

Rear Window at Zaal 3 in The Hague, The Netherlands in 2015.

Selected Publications

2016 Subjectively, objective mini monograph with outline (print)
2016 Le Petit Voyeur with Rear Window (online)

2015 2ha with Close, but not really (print)
2015 De Correspondent with Rear Window (online)
2015 This isn't happiness with Rear Window (online)
2015 Notcommonpeople with various work (online)
2015 Fisheye magazine with Rear Window (online)
2015 In a clearing with work from Iceland (online)
2015 Landscape Stories 12 Night with Rear Window (online)
2015 About Photography magazine 7 with Outline (online)
2015 Doc! photo magazine 31 with Outline (online and print)
2015 New Dawn with Outline (online)
2015 Incandescent zine with various work (print)
2015 Stolen Ground zine 1 with untitled work (print and online)

2014 In a clearing with various work (online)
2014 Of the Afternoon 4 with Outline (print)
2014 Hashtag photography magazine 11 with Rear Window (online)
2014 Stay young 5 with Outline (print)
2014 Paper plant mag 0 with untitled work (print)
2014 NRC Next with Lunchwandelaars (print)
2014 c-41 magazine with various work (online)
2014 Ain't bad magazine with Outline (online)

2013 Rear Window book with The Velvet Cell (print)
2013 Stadsleven column by Sterre Sprengers (online)
2013 New Landscape Photograhy with Rear Window (online)
2013 Colossal with architecture photography (online)

2012 GUP New Dutch Talent 2012 with various work (print)
2012 Stand Quarterly 1 with Outline (print)
2012 Snor with Close, but not really (online)

2011 The Great Leap Sideways with Outline (online)
2011 Rooilijn with Close, but not really (print)
2011 Urbanautica with Close, but not really (online)

2010 Pionieren in Poort with Close, but not really (print)
2010 troppotardi with untitled work (online)

2009 Blend magazine with Pete Philly& Perquisite (print)

2008 Volkskrant Magazine with football dads (print)
2008 Vrij Nederland with US missile defense (print)


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